Bohemian Clothing Style for Women

Bohomian clothing style is the popular fashion trend that gives you a fresh and out of the crowd appearance. With the much feminine elements it has, it is a fave of women. Popularly known as gypsy, hippie or street clothing style, it gives you a really ‘cool’ look. If you want to follow your own style of dressing up instead of following the current fashion trends, boho or bohemian clothing is the answer. It is a completely artistic and creative style of clothing that is full of colors and different patterns. In the following paragraphs we will know more about the boho or bohemian clothing.

Boho Clothing Patterns

Flowery colors and lot of detailing is what characterizes bohemian clothing style. The fashion of long skirts in various pastel colors is much popular in the bohemian clothing for women. These come with beaded borders and waistline and look extremely cute. You can also opt for the unstructured skirts that are easy to don and give a perfect casual look. Crinkly fabrics are commonly used for such skirts which suit fuller figures as well. You can also pick the knee length skirts in silks or other delicate fabrics that look awesome.

If you checkout those boho tops, you are sure to love them. Boho tops with sequined necklines, off-shoulder patterns are also a hit and look awesome with skirts and denims. Available in cottons or silk cottons these have unique embroidery patterns. Be it a sexy boho mini dress or a boho maxi dress these look unique on anyone. The design patterns are extremely catchy with the perfect color combos. Search for modern boho clothing and you can also find those sexy boho swimsuits which will spice up your look, no lesser than any stylish swimwear. Read more about the bohemian wedding wear.

Colors and Designs

Yellow, pink, red, fade green and many more such fresh colors are what characterize boho clothing. Feminine prints are the main feature of any type of bohemian clothing. Floral prints, animal prints, tribal prints, stripes and checkered prints are commonly seen in this type of clothing. You can see delicate floral prints or the bolder patterns as well. Multi-colored dyed fabrics are popularly used in boho clothing.

Soft flowing fabrics are most commonly used in this women’s clothing. You can see a lot of mirror work, sequins and embroidery patterns in bohemian clothing style. Layers and frills rightly complement the plus size boho clothing. Especially the layered skirts are extremely popular. Transparent and semitransparent, hence delicate fabrics are most commonly used for skirts and tops which might have matching lining or need to be worn with matching undergarments. Such trendy tops look awesome when paired with matching leggings.

Vintage boho clothing usually includes that unmatched informal looking clothing. These also used to be loose fitting. Well, ‘body fitted’ is not at all a feature of boho clothing, but yes, it is definitely not baggy type, as many believe! Boho clothing is much popular due to its comfy feel. It fits well, just tight enough to give you a good appearance and complement your figure.

Boho Accessories

Accessories are the best part of boho clothing style. Boho attire can’t be complete with those dangling and flashy accessories. Add those trendy belts, headbands, scarves, bandanas and much more to your attire and dress up like a perfect boho. The colorful, beaded broad belts can add a unique touch to your dark denims. Dangling earrings, funky necklaces, colorful bangles and bracelets all made of colorful beads and various metals, stones, wood and glass are must haves for completing the boho apparels. You can also have the lovely boho style scarfs added to the plain tops. A boho purse is just essential to give a finishing touch to a boho attire.

You can also find sequined footwear, especially the slip in shoes in almost every color, which are perfect to be paired with boho clothing. So get the extremely funky bohemian fashion clothing and style uniquely. Ready to don that young and fresh look with the boho attire?


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